Dr Jan Libich

Senior Lecturer
La Trobe Business School, Department of Economics and Finance, La Trobe University
Melbourne, Victoria 3085, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9479
2754, Fax: +61 3 9479 1654, Email: j.libich(at)latrobe.edu.au

Other Affiliations:

-Research Associate: Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, Australian National University, Canberra (research program: Macroeconomic Policy Frameworks)

-Member: Economic Society of Australia, American Economic Association

Research Interests:

Monetary-Fiscal Policies and their Interactions -Game Theory -Sports Economics


-PhD (Economics) University of New South Wales, Sydney

-MCom(hons) (Finance) & BCom (Commerce) VSE Prague, Czech Republic


-Libich, J. (2015), Real-World Economic Policy: Insights from Leading Australian Economists, Cengage Australia, ISBN: 9780170364386, 340pp

    -featured among recommended econ books

-Stonecash, R., Libich, J., Gans, J, King, S, Byford, M., and Mankiw, G. (2014), Principles of Macroeconomics: Australian Edition, 6e, ISBN 9780170248518, 536pp

    -includes my 33-page chapter on the 2008 Global financial crisis which does not appear in Mankiw’s original.

-Gans, J, King, S, Stonecash, R., Byford, M., Libich, J., and Mankiw, G. (2014), Principles of Economics: Australian and New Zealand Edition, 6e, ISBN 9780170248532, 1008pp

Academic Papers:

- NEW WORKING PAPER: Friesl, M., Lenten, L., Libich, J., and Stehlík, P. (2016), ‘In Search of Goals: Increasing Ice Hockey’s Attractiveness by a Sides-Swap

-Libich, J., Nguyen, D. and Stehlik, P (2015) ‘Monetary Exit and Fiscal Spillovers’, European Journal of Political Economy, 40, pp184-206.

-Libich, J. and Machacek, M. (2016), ‘Insurance by Government or against Government? Overview of Public Risk Management Policies, forthcoming at the Journal of Economic Surveys

-Libich, J. and Nguyen, D. (2015) ‘Strategic Monetary-Fiscal Interactions in a Downturn’, Economic Record, 91(293), pp172-190.

-Libich, J. and Nguyen, D., (2013), ‘Macro Meets Micro: Stochastic (Calvo) Revisions in Games’, the B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 14(1).

-Lenten, L., Libich, J., and Stehlík, P. (2013), ‘Policy Timing and Footballers’ Incentives: Penalties Before or After Extra-time?’ the Journal of Sports Economics, 14(6), pp629-655.

   -one-hour video discussion of the proposal -press release -Podcast featuring e.g. Craig Foster (Chief Football Analyst on SBS) and John Didulica (Melbourne Heart) - a sample of other media and blogosphere discussion: Preston Leader, AD (Netherlands), AD, SBS blog, discussion on SBS's Santo, Sam And Ed's Cup Fever! (episode 21), Morgundbladid (Iceland), National Times, The Sports Economist Soccernomics Chrono, Daily Express

-Libich, J. and Stehlík, P. (2012), ‘Monetary Policy Facing Fiscal Indiscipline Under Generalized Timing of Actions’, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 168(3), pp393-431

-Hughes Hallett, A. and Libich, J. (2012), ‘Explicit Inflation Targets, Communication, and Central Bank Independence: Friends or Foes?', Economic Change and Restructuring, 45(4), pp271-297

-Libich, J. (2011), ‘Inflation Nutters? Modelling the Flexibility of Inflation Targeting’, The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (Topics), 11(1), Article 17

-Libich, J. and Stehlík P. (2011), ‘Endogenous Monetary Commitment’, Economics Letters, 112, pp103-106

-Hughes Hallett, A., Libich, J., and Stehlík P. (2011), ‘Macroprudential Policies and Financial Stability’, the Economic Record, 87(277), pp318-335

-Libich, J. and Stehlík, P. (2010), Incorporating Rigidity in the Timing Structure of Macroeconomic Games, Economic Modelling, Elsevier, 27, 767-781

-Libich, J. (2009), ‘A Note on the Anchoring Effect of Explicit Inflation Targets’, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Cambridge University Press, Volume 13(5)

-Hughes Hallett, A., Libich, J., and Stehlík P. (2009), 'Rogoff Revisited: The Conservative Central Banker Proposition Under Active Fiscal Policies', Economics Letters, Elsevier, Volume 104(4), pp 140-143

-Libich, J. (2008), An Explicit Inflation Target as a Commitment Device’, Journal of Macroeconomics, Elsevier, Volume 30(1), pp43-68

-Hughes Hallett, A. and Libich, J. (2007), ‘Fiscal-Monetary Interactions: The Effect of Fiscal Restraint and Public Monitoring on Central Bank Credibility, Open Economies Review, Springer, Volume 18(5), pp559-576

Policy Papers and Special Issues:

-Libich, J. (2015), ‘The Economic Future of Europe: Change of Diet or Premature Death?’, World Economics, 15(4).

-Hughes Hallett, A., Libich, J., and Stehlík P. (2014), ‘Monetary-Fiscal Interactions with Various Degrees of Commitment’, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 64(1), pp2-29.

-see a discussion by Michael Knox, Chief Economist of RBSMorgans in a budget speech to 500+ business leaders and the Treasurer (pdf)

-Libich, J., Savage, J. and Walsh, C.E.  (2011), ‘Monetary-Fiscal Interactions: How To Improve Policy Outcomes?’ Introduction to a Symposium at the 2010 Australian Conference of Economists, Economic Papers, 30(1), pp1-5
-The full proceedings including the contributions by Carl Walsh, Don Brash, Jacopo Cimadomo, Stephen Kirchner, and Eric Leeper can be downloaded here

-Franta, M., Libich, J. and Stehlík, P. (2011), The Big Picture of Monetary-Fiscal Interactions’, Symposium at ACE 2010, Economic Papers, 30(1), pp6-14

-Hughes Hallett, A., Libich, J., and Stehlík P. (2011), ‘Welfare Improving Coordination of Fiscal and Monetary Policy’, AUCO Czech Economic Review, 5, pp7-26

-Libich, J., Stehlik, Petr, and Savage, J. (2010), Fiscal Neglect in a Monetary Union, Economic Papers, 29(3), pp301-309

-Libich, J. and Savage, J. (2010), ‘Tethering the Fiscal Sow: Monetary Policy that Keeps Pork in the Sty’, Policy, 26(3), Spring, pp14-19

-Harding, D. and Libich, J. (2010) ‘Froth and Bubble: The Inconsistency of Paul Krugman's Macroeconomic Analysis’, Agenda, 17(1)

-Libich, J. and Stehlík, P. (2008),  ‘Macroeconomic Games on Time Scales’, Dynamic Systems and Applications, Volume 5, pp274-278

-Libich, J. (2006), Should Monetary Policy Be Transparent?’, Policy 22:1, pp28-34

Media Engagement:

-Over a dozen of commentaries and interviews in English for media and research publications, e.g.:

- Econ Focus by the Federal Reserve Board of Richmond (www.richmondfed.org/publications/research/region_focus/2012/q4/pdf/full_issue.pdf)

    - 20-minute video-interview with me for Channel 31 on managing personal finances (http://youtu.be/okOhm-QjKys).

    - 40-minute video profile of my research by CERGE-EI (http://youtu.be/l7W3Aq_obi8).

    - Commentary for Crikey on Australian government policies (www.crikey.com.au/2014/05/30/australias-overly-generous-welfare-in-context).

    - 40-minute video-interview with me on How to teach/learn effectively at University (http://youtu.be/-UuZ2-o9znM).

    - 60-minute interview with me on the European Monetary Union (http://youtu.be/RL9EapixPmc).

    - 15-minute podcast on my research (with Liam Lenten and Petr Stehlik) on penalty shootouts in soccer, 12,782 downloads as of 31/3/2014 (https://itunes.apple.com/nz/itunes-u/the-penalty-of-football/id408498962?mt=10).

-Own newspaper column in the leading Czech economic outlet Hospodáøské noviny titled Jan Libich’s Economix (with the subtitle ‘Academic research serving the real world’), also available online at www.ihned.cz/ekonomix.

-Interviews for BBC radio (Czech) on various economic issues (a 15-minute example can be listened to at http://ekonom.ihned.cz/c1-62538970-v-ceskem-skolstvi-bdquo-zadarmo-ldquo-chudi-dotuji-bohate).

-Over a dozen of newspaper, magazine and online interviews in Czech, including three four-page interviews with photographs profiling my research (e.g. at http://dialog.ihned.cz/c1-59930950-rozhovor-s-janem-libichem-sazejme-na-vzdelani).

-Several high-profile invited presentations, e.g. as panelist discussing reforms of the financial system (another panelist was Deputy Governor of the Czech Central Bank, details at http://euro.e15.cz/archiv/trh-neni-padouch-1038670) or two-hour talk about the future of the global economy at Science Café, Prague (www.slideslive.com/sciencecafe/w/38890182).

-Contributor to 'Macháčkova výměna', weekly opinion exchange in the online version of Hospodářské Noviny on given economics topics


My Video Interviews With Policymakers/Researchers:

(one hour long, all available on my YouTube channel and the economics ones also on my iTunes U channel)

- Prof Stephen King, Monash, former ACCC Commissioner, ‘Public Policy and Regulation’ (link), May 21, 2014

- A/Prof Frank Jotzo, Australian National University, Lead Author of the 5th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Economics and Policy of Climate Change (link), May 8, 2014

- Prof John Piggott, UNSW, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research, ‘Pension System and Retirement Financing’ (link), Apr 22, 2014

- Prof Bruce Chapman, Australian National University, Architect of HECS, ‘Education Financing: Government as Risk Manager?’ (link), Mar 21, 2014

- Prof Cezary Wojcik, Director of Economics at the Polish Academy of Sciences and formerly advisor to Governor of the National Bank of Poland and Polish Minister of Finance, ‘What Makes a True Leader?’ (link), Nov 22, 2013

- Prof Cezary Wojcik, Director of Economics at the Polish Academy of Sciences and formerly advisor to Governor of the National Bank of Poland and Polish Minister of Finance, ‘Will the Euro Survive?’ (link), Nov 22, 2013

- A/Prof Daniel Munich, the Czech National Council of Economic Advisors, Why Do We have Unemployment? (link), Oct 10, 2013

- A/Prof Daniel Munich, the Czech National Council of Economic Advisors, How to Improve Czech Universities? (link), Oct 10, 2013

- A/Prof Daniel Munich, the Czech National Council of Economic Advisors, Why Do Kids Dislike School? (link), Oct 10, 2013

- Prof Bob Gregory, AO, ex-RBA board member, Australian National University, ‘Macroeconomics: Musings on Short/Medium-Run Topics ‘ (link), Nov 2012

- Michael Knox, Chief economist and director strategy Morgans Financial, ‘Financial Markets and the Crisis of 2008’ (link), Oct 2012

- Prof Warwick McKibbin, ex-RBA board member, Australian National University, ‘The Global Financial Crisis’ (link), Oct 2012

- Prof Adrian Pagan, ex-RBA board member, University of Sydney, ‘Real-World Monetary Policy’ (link), Oct 2012

- Dr Stephen Kirchner, UTS and CIS, The Public Debt Crisis and Its Solutions’ (link), Sept 2012

- Prof Paul Frijters, University of Queensland, ‘Macroeconomics: A Fun Exploration of Long-Term Trends’ (link), Sept 2012

- Dr Andrew Leigh, Federal Member of Parliament and former ANU Economics Professor, ‘Designing Effective Economic Policies’ (link), Sept 2012

- Dr Liam Lenten, La Trobe University, ‘Football Penalties BEFORE Extra-Time? Assessing the Proposal’ (link), Aug 2012

- Dr Kerry Howells, University of Tasmania, ‘Effective Learning and Teaching’ (link), Aug 2012

- Prof Eric Leeper, Indiana University, ‘Monetary-Fiscal Interactions: A Primer’ (link), Jul 2011

- Prof Hughes Hallett, George Masson and St. Andrew's Universities, ‘The Economic Future of the European Union’ (link), Jun 2011

- Dr Don Brash, Governor of RBNZ (1988-2002), ‘The Institutional Design of Monetary and Fiscal Policies’ (link), May 2011

- Linda Wannan, La Trobe University interviewing me on “How to Learn/Teach Effectively at University" (link), Nov 2012

- Dr Stefan Auer, La Trobe University (Politics) interviewing me on "The European Monetary Union" (link), Mar 2011


Presentations (Conferences and Workshops):

-8th Biennial Conference of the Czech Economic Society (Nov 2014, University of Economics, Prague)

-EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy (Jul 2014, Prague)

-43th Australian Conference of Economists (Jul 2014, University of Tasmania, Hobart)

-Eurozone Future: from Crisis to Stabilization, Reform and Growth? (Nov 2013, Mendel University, Brno)

-The Nature of Change (a multidisciplinary pane, Oct 2013, Charles University, Prague)

-2nd IES Economic Meeting - Modelling in Macroeconomics and Finance (Sep 2013, Charles University, Prague)

-EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy (Jul 2013, Prague)

-7th Biennial Conference of the Czech Economic Society (Nov 2012, University of Economics, Prague)

-Workshop on Macroeconomic Dynamics (Sept 2012, University of Sydney)

-American Economic Association Meeting (Jan 2012, Chicago)

-13th International Conference on Finance and Banking (Oct 2011, Ostrava, Czech Republic)

-16th Australasian Macroeconomics Workshop (Apr 2011, University of Tasmania)

-39th Australian Conference of Economists (Sep 2010, Macquarie University, Sydney)

-Recent Developments in Macroeconomics (Jun 2010, Mannheim, Germany)

-Causes and Consequences of the 2008 International Crisis (Jun 2010, Rome, Italy)

-The Economics and Psychology of Football (May 2010, London, UK)

-15th Australasian Macroeconomics Workshop (Apr 2010, RBNZ, VUW, New Zealand)

-22nd Australasian Finance and Banking Conference (Dec 2009, UNSW, Sydney)

-Financial Crisis: Institutions and Policies (Nov 2009, Mendel University, Brno)

-38th Australian Conference of Economists (forthcoming Sep 2009, University of Adelaide)

-Workshop on Economic Dynamics (Aug 2009, Deakin University)

-Sydney-Melbourne Conference on Macro Theory (May 2009, University of Sydney)

-14th Australasian Macroeconomics Workshop (Apr 2009, Deakin University)

-27th Australasian Economic Theory Workshop (Feb 2009, Massey University, Auckland)

-5th Biennial Conference of Czech Economic Society (Nov 2008, University of Economics, Prague)

-13th Australasian Macroeconomics Workshop  (Mar 2008, University of Sydney)

-American Economic Association meeting (Jan 2008, New Orleans, US)

-36th Australian Conference of Economists, (Sep 2007, University of Tasmania)

-Fiscal Policy Frameworks: Roles, Evolution, and Modelling (Aug 2007, Sydney, CAMA)

-Central European Program in Economic Theory Workshop (June 2007, Udine, Italy)

-12th Australasian Macroeconomics Workshop (April 2007, La Trobe)

-25th Australasian Economic Theory Workshop (Feb 2007, ANU)

-35th Australian Conference of Economists, (Sep 2006, Curtin University, Perth)

-11th Australasian Macroeconomics Workshop (April 2006, RBA and CAER, UNSW)

-24th Australasian Economic Theory Workshop (Feb 2006, CAER, UNSW)

-Advanced Liberty & Society Conference (Sep 2005, Centre for Independent Studies)

-34th Australian Conference of Economists (Sep 2005, University of Melbourne, EcoSoc of Australia)

-Summer School on Monetary Theory and Policy (July 2005, ZEI, Bonn, Germany)

-10th Australasian Macroeconomics Workshop (Mar 2005, University of Melbourne)

-23rd Australasian Economic Theory Workshop (Feb 2005, University of Auckland, New Zealand)

-PhD Conference in Economics and Business (Nov 2004, ANU)

-33rd Australian Conference of Economists (Sep 2004, University of Sydney, EcoSoc of Australia)

-1st Meeting of the Study Group on Monetary Policy in Selected CIS Countries (July 2004, United Nations University, Kiel Inst. for World Economics and UACES, Bruges, Belgium)


Presentations (Invited Seminars):

-Victorian Government (Treasury, May 2014) -University of Melbourne (Apr 2014) -Monash (Apr 2014) -University of West Bohemia (Oct 2013) -Czech National Bank (May 2013) -CERGE-EI (Jan 2013) -Reserve Bank of Australia (Sept 2012) -Macquarie University (Sept 2012) -University of Technology Sydney (Sept 2012) -Bank of Poland (Jun 2012) -Polish Academy of Sciences (Jun 2012) -Magdeburg University (May 2012) -Charles University (Apr 2012) -International Monetary Fund (Jan 2012) -Kansas City Fed (Jan 2012) -George Mason University (2012) -Berlin (joint Free/Technical/Humboldt, Dec 2011) -Czech Economic Society (Nov 2011) -University of Basel (Oct 2011) -University of West Bohemia (Oct 2011) -Czech National Bank (Sep 2011) -Monash (Mar 2011) -Melbourne University (Mar 2011) -Australian National University (Nov 2010) -Queensland University of Technology (Nov 2010) -European Central Bank (Jun 2010) -Charles University (Nov 2009) -Czech National Bank (Jan 2009) -London School of Economics (Sept 2008) -International Monetary Fund (Sept 2008) -Cerge-EI (Sept 2008) -George Mason University (Sep 2008) -Austrian National Bank (June 2008) -University of Graz (June 2008) -UNSW (October 2007) -University of Adelaide (March 2007) -Deakin (August 2006) -Dutch National Bank (July 2006) -Czech National Bank (July 2006) -Koblenz Business School (July 2006) -Munich University (June 2006) -Deutsche Bundesbank (June 2006) -Dortmund (June 2006) -Reserve Bank of New Zealand (Nov 2005) -Victoria University of Wellington (Nov 2005) -University of Queensland (Sept 2005) -Bayreuth University, Germany (June 2005) -Reserve Bank of Australia (Feb 2005)


-Australian Parliamentary Budget Office -International Economic Review -European Economic Review -Economic Systems -Economics Letters -BE Journal of Macroeconomics -Oxford Economics Papers - Journal of Economic Surveys -Scottish Journal of Political Economy -International Journal of Central Banking -Economic Modelling -Journal of Macroeconomics -Open Economies Review -Economic Record -Australian Economic Review -Emerging Markets Finance and Trade -Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies -Czech Journal of Economics and Finance -International Review of Economics and Finance -Economics Papers - Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal -Central European Review of Economic Issues  -Series of Advanced Economic Issues -Policy -Australian National University (PhD thesis) -CERGE-EI (PhD thesis)

Grants and Awards:

-Grant from the Neuron Foundation for the top project by Czech Economist (2013 - 2014)

Fiscal, Monetary, and Growth Implications of an Aging Population: Problems and Solutions (1 million CZK, app $50,000)                                                                   

-Teaching Award, Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University (2013)

My three-week course on the Global Financial Crisis ranked in the top three of all subjects (overall subject score 4.7, overall teaching score 4.8 out of 5).

-2012 Winner, Lecturer of the Year (top spot for La Trobe University)

Organized by UniJobs and based on nominations from over 70,000 students at Australian Universities

-Australian Government Office for Teaching and Learning Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2012)

‘For Helping Students Discover, and Quench, Their Thirst for Knowledge’ ($10,000)

-La Trobe University Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2012)

‘For Helping Students Discover, and Quench, Their Thirst for Knowledge’ ($1,000)

-Faculty Research Awards, Commendation (2011)

‘In Recognition of Academic Excellence in Research’

-Faculty Teaching Awards, Commendation (2011)

‘In Recognition of Academic Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching’ ($5,000)

-Outstanding Reviewer, Emerald Awards for Excellence (2011)

Awarded to top referee from each Emerald Journal

-2011 Winner, Lecturer of the Year (top spot for La Trobe University)

-2010 Winner, Lecturer of the Year (top spot for La Trobe University)

-2009 Winner, Lecturer of the Year (top spot for La Trobe University)

-Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (2008 - 2011)

Monetary-fiscal policy interactions and their effect on economic performance: new theory, empirics, and an application to Australia ($134,000, I was the sole Chief investigator, the Partner investigators were: Andrew Hughes Hallett, Petr Stehlík)

-Faculty of Law and Management Large Research Grant (2009 - 2010)

Developing a toolkit of indicators and macroeconomic models ($70,000, with Don Harding, Shawn Leu, Heidi Ryoo, and Buly Cardak)

-Faculty of Law and Management Competitive Research Grants (2006 - 2007)

Four grants of $5,000 each

-Winner, Deans Award for Service (2005)

‘For substantial and significant voluntary contribution to the development of the Faculty of Commerce and Economics’, UNSW

-International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (2002 - 2005)

Commonwealth Government of Australia

-University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (2002 - 2005)

University of New South Wales

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